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CA Featureless Kit for AR15

The California Featureless Compliance AR15 Upgrade Kit is compliant with state law making a standard AR-15 a “featureless” and entirely legal rifle under the new California AR15 laws without requiring registration. The California compliance kit will ensure that your AR15 will be fully compliant with new assault rifle 2016/17 regulations. Buy: California Featureless Compliance AR15 Upgrade […]

Upgrade Your AR15 Before 2018

Governor Brown signed 6 new gun control bills into law in July that may create an unintended opportunity for you to upgrade your AR15 . Most of these laws are going into effect January 2017. Arguably the most game-changing law for us is the new assault weapons ban. The new ban stipulates that a semi-automatic AR15, […]

California’s New 2016 AR15 Laws

The years almost over – with 2017 around the corner many gun owners in California are preparing for the new gun laws that are being enacted at the start of 2017 and throughout 2018. Here’s a summary of the new California gun-control laws that are being enacted. (AB 857) Firearm identifying information: This bill would, […]
Unregistered Glock V2 Frames
Unregistered Glock V2 Frames

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