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80% AK47 (AKM) Video : Part 2

In the second installment we will be working on a step equally important as the first. Now put to the test are our mapping skills of our drilling location. As it is our intention here at Ghost Guns to not let anyone be dissuaded by lack of tools they have, I might make suggestions here […]

80% AK47 (AKM) Video : Part 1

A year ago we set on a quest to bring to the 80% industry a do-it-yourself 80% AK47 (AKM) build. The goal was simple. Make a build kit that include the best parts possible, improve the build process, and produce a video series to help you build the perfect AK47. Well, today we’re released our […]
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Unregistered Glock V2 Frames
Unregistered Glock V2 Frames

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