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ShotSpotter Raking In Millions In Tax Revenue

Jun 8, 2017
By Ghost Guns

As if gun control wasn't an illogical reaction to gun violence. Some have taken it upon themselves to profit from gun violence instead. A California based company; ShotSpotter has been raking in 15 million yearly…

Shouldering A Brace Is Legal (in 2017)

Apr 26, 2017
By Ghost Guns

In March 2014, the ATF determined correctly that a stabilizer brace - was not a shoulder stock, in 2015 the ATF issued a vague “clarification” that shouldering a stabilizer "made" it into a stock. Fast…

Anti-Gunners To Buy AR15s

Feb 1, 2017
By Ghost Guns

Are neo-Nazis and the future Presidency of Trump convincing Anti-Gunners to Buy AR15s? Most of us Pro-Gunners, including myself, have been trying, for as long as I can remember, to sell gun-control activists on guns.…

Leaked Registry of Gun Builders

Jan 11, 2017
By Ghost Guns

On October 2016 a California DOJ employee leaked the the personal data of thousands of gun owners. The list leaked included the name, birthday, home address, drivers license and other confidential and private information of gun…

Gun Control Act of 1968

Dec 23, 2016
By Ghost Guns

Per provisions of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, an unlicensed individual may make a unregistered "weapon" (also known as a Ghost Gun) as defined in the GCA for his…

History of Home Made Guns

Dec 23, 2016
By Ghost Guns

A History of Home Made Guns The first home made guns that where invented in 1350 where called "hand cannons" or "hand gonnes," these were essentially miniature cannons designed to be held by hand or attached to…

California’s New 2016 AR15 Laws

Dec 22, 2016
By Ghost Guns

The years almost over - with 2017 around the corner many gun owners in California are preparing for the new gun laws that are being enacted at the start of 2017 and throughout 2018. Here's…

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