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New Jersey “outlaws?” Ghost Guns

Governor Phil Murphy of New Jersey was pleased after a Senate committee on Monday approved bill S 2465, a bill that would make it a crime to possess components to manufacture “untraceable firearms,” which sponsors characterize as “ghost guns” due to their lack of factory-applied serial numbers. Proposed by state Sen. Joe Cryan, D-Union, a […]

Ghost Guns: Are They Legal?

Ghost guns (home made guns) from “unfinished receivers” are increasingly popular, and need not be registered or bear a serial number, nor must the maker-owner pass a background check. The practice is deeply rooted in our constitutional history and tradition. Legal scholars have recognized that the Second Amendment’s guarantee of the right to keep and bear […]

Supreme Court Declined Conceal Carry Case

The United States Supreme Court declined to hear (a Conceal Carry Case) Peruta v. San Diego, it involved San Diego resident Edward Peruta, who challenged his county’s decision to deny him permission to carry a concealed firearm outside his house. Despite the support of two Supreme Justice Members; Clarence Thomas and Neil Gorsuch (the newest member) the […]

ShotSpotter Raking In Millions In Tax Revenue

As if gun control wasn’t an illogical reaction to gun violence. Some have taken it upon themselves to profit from gun violence instead. A California based company; ShotSpotter has been raking in 15 million yearly in tax revenue by charging 90 US cities, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco a subscription service that detects […]

Shouldering A Brace Is Legal (in 2017)

In March 2014, the ATF determined correctly that a stabilizer brace – was not a shoulder stock, in 2015 the ATF issued a vague “clarification” that shouldering a stabilizer “made” it into a stock. Fast forward to March 2017 and the ATF has now determined that shouldering a brace is legal, since the act of […]

Anti-Gunners To Buy AR15s

Are neo-Nazis and the future Presidency of Trump convincing Anti-Gunners to Buy AR15s? Most of us Pro-Gunners, including myself, have been trying, for as long as I can remember, to sell gun-control activists on guns. I’ve tried using history, logic, and what-if scenarios to turn these stubborn gun grabbers from voting our rights away – […]

Leaked Registry of Gun Builders

On October 2016 a California DOJ employee leaked the the personal data of thousands of gun owners. The list leaked included the name, birthday, home address, drivers license and other confidential and private information of gun owners. The leaked registry of gun builders also included individuals who created firearms using 80% lowers; after a new CA […]

Upgrade Your AR15 Before 2018

Governor Brown signed 6 new gun control bills into law in July that may create an unintended opportunity for you to upgrade your AR15 . Most of these laws are going into effect January 2017. Arguably the most game-changing law for us is the new assault weapons ban. The new ban stipulates that a semi-automatic AR15, […]

MMA With Weapons

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) combines multiple fighting techniques into one deadly practice, now a company in Las Vegas; Las Vegas Gunfights has partnered with Simunition Sports to combine MMA with weapons using a system developed by General Dymanics. The new patented training system allows for the use of semi-automatic rifles and semi-automatic handguns converted to […]

Gun Control Act of 1968

Per provisions of the Gun Control Act (GCA) of 1968, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44, an unlicensed individual may make a unregistered “weapon” (also known as a Ghost Gun) as defined in the GCA for his [or her] own personal use, but not for sale or distribution. The GCA, 18 U.S.C. § 921(a)(3), defines the term […]
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