P80 Milling Instructions (GEN2)

P80 Milling Instructions

The following instructions designed to work with both the Compact Pistol frame and the Standard Pistol Frames, there are no differences between the builds.

At the end of the download attached to this article, there’s a few tips on installation of the Locking Block Rail System, which has a very tight fit, particularly on the V2 frame. We have a few pointers to help you install this component.

Download Instructions: P80 Milling Instructions

Here are key areas that you need to watch for:

  1. Do not drill the pin holes using a drill press on the cross vise. Drill the pin holes using the bench vise and hand drill.
  2. Only use Loctite that is approved for contact with polymer based products. Super Glue versions are not to be used on the polymer.
  3. Chemicals: Generally, you do not use penetrating lubricants on polymer products, they can damage the material.
    • Do not put acetone on the receiver. Acetone will generally instantly destroy, tarnish, or weaken any polymer-based product.
    • Many oils are combined with rust penetrants or some other type of penetrant which can damage polymer based products. Regular gun oil, high quality grease or simple household oils can be used.
    • Do not utilize brake cleaner (it has acetone in it) or rust penetrants, they penetrate through polymer.
  4. Do not overtighten the jig in any vise, you can adversely adjust placement of holes to the pistol frame. Pin hole drill placements are critical on the pistol frame function.
  5. The jig isn’t designed to be gripped from the top and bottom edges. Rather, the jig is designed to be used in a regular bench vise for the pin holes standing upright, and on a cross vise also standing upright.
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