ShotSpotter Raking In Millions In Tax Revenue


As if gun control wasn’t an illogical reaction to gun violence. Some have taken it upon themselves to profit from gun violence instead. A California based company; ShotSpotter has been raking in 15 million yearly in tax revenue by charging 90 US cities, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco a subscription service that detects (audible) gun shot sounds, that it then reports to the local police department.


The company is backed by companies such as Motorola Solutions and Claremont Creet Ventures, the company is optimistic they will expand to more cities, because clearly “gun violence is a fairly big problem in the U.S. and globally,” said CEO Ralph Clark. “We want to continue to invest in customer success,” he said. Because his solution is clearly [sarcasm] the solution.




Company Homepage:

Toll Free +1.888.274.6877 ,Sales + 1. 510.794.3135, Marketing +1.510.794.3144
Media & Press +1.516-643-1642

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  1. Nothing wrong with that, faster response to shots fired isn’t a bad thing.

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