AK47 80% (No-Press) Build : Part 5

80% AK47 (AKM) Video : Part 5

Rivoting; The first step here is the center support. Great care must be taken when setting the center support rivet to ensure that we don’t hourglass the receiver. The long rivets in the rear trunnion along with the center support can be intimidating but stay focused and keep your hammer blows straight. It’s better to take your time and keep your aim precise. Our Ghost Guns modified bolt cutter rivet jaws make short work of the front trunnion. Be sure that the rivet jaw pressing the head on the short rivet is firmly holding the rivet head against the receiver before crushing.

80% AK47 (AKM) Ghost Guns

AK47 80% Build Kit: https://www.ghostguns.com/21-ak47

Tools Used We Provide:
Anvil Rivet Backer
Rivet Bits
Bolt Cutter Rivet Jaws
Center Support & Sleeve

Tools Needed Not Provided:
Ball Peen Hammer

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