AK47 80% (No-Press) Build : Part 4

80% AK47 (AKM) Video : Part 4

In this 4th video we will be installing the modified spot welder tongs to the harbor freight 1/10 amp spot welder and spot welding the rails to our receiver. This step often holds the most taboo among beginners and rightfully so as the slightest miscalculation can lead to a hole in the receiver. Be sure to get plenty of 1 millimeter sheet metal pieces and practice your welds beforehand, you only get one shot. Less is more you can always go back and add to the weld but you can not take back a hole burned in a receiver. Clean mating surfaces. All the surfaces must be in perfect alignment and airtight to maintain the integrity of your weld. Be sure to, in your practice sessions, determine the time count to hold on each weld & keep it consistent.(3 seconds seems to be a good average)


AK47 80% Build Kit: https://www.ghostguns.com/21-ak47

Tools Used We Provide:
Upper & Lower Tong attachments
Heat Treated Rails
¼” Transfer Punch(Rail Spacer)
Rail Alignment Clamp

Tools Needed Not Provided:
Harbor Freight 110 AMP Spot Welder

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