AK47 80% (No-Press) Build : Part 3

80% AK47 (AKM) Video : Part 3

The third video is probably the most coordination required I tried several different methods to complete the trigger guard assembly with the four rivets each rivet requiring 2000 pounds plus another rivet on the rear end but the four from my experience with a hammer over a press required either getting them all crushed at once while all four were supported by a block or jig,  or one at a time but by seating all four rivets into the same jig and sequentially trying to crush them individually, by the time you get one crushed by the third and fourth, the first ones will start to become loose again, regardless of technique. By suspending the receiver over the anvil with the rivet tool provided to cup and seat  the head of the rivet and manually crushing them one at a time you’re able to crush each rivet without the vibrations causing the others to loosen.


If one step in this entire process was going to need a specific Large tool I would probably pick this one, to use a press. I also tried in vain with a larger hammer and very determined swings to crush all four manually and was unsuccessful so I will say that you can expect some evolution to be taking place in this step in the coming months as new ideas and new methods are discovered and tried. Here in the initial setup you have the selector stop plate this is the small plate that goes between the trigger guard in the receiver the small tab protruding is the catch for the safety selector that will be installed the one that we cut the two holes for the keyway on the side of the keyway that’s going to be cut this is where the part of the selector stop will protrude and be facing the rear of the receiver. As you’re crushing the rivets be sure to continually inspect each individual rivet to ensure that the head is firmly seated against the trigger guard so that the rivet is crushing from the inside. If the rivet neck is exposed on the head side after the crushing has begun often times this is not reversible the rivet must sometimes be drilled out and started over again

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