80% AK47 (AKM) Video : Part 1

80% AK47 AKM Build

A year ago we set on a quest to bring to the 80% industry a do-it-yourself 80% AK47 (AKM) build. The goal was simple. Make a build kit that include the best parts possible, improve the build process, and produce a video series to help you build the perfect AK47. Well, today we’re released our first AK47 How To Build Video.


In episode one we begin with possibly the most critical step of all, marking the drilling locations on our 80% receiver blank. Enough emphasis cannot be placed here on the importance of precision and attention to the direction and alignment of the blank with the template provided. This process involves transfer punches which are going to leave a small dimple, simply giving us a centerpoint location as a drill guide, with no indicator as to the size used in each location nor the function of each hole. 

AR10 DPMS 308 Drill Jig

This is a simple step, yet potentially could put a stop to the entire process until a new 80% receiver could be acquired to replace the one with the misaligned access location/center support. Not only do the holes have to be in the correct places they also have to line up with the counterpart on the other side of the receiver. If your alignment isn’t perfect on both sides we won’t know until we have the gun built and we go to install the fire control group, at which point a 10th of an inch is enough to ensure that our hammer will not properly install.

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AR10 DPMS 308 Drill Jig

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