CA Featureless Kit for AR15

Featureless California AR15 Rules

The California Featureless Compliance AR15 Upgrade Kit is compliant with state law making a standard AR-15 a “featureless” and entirely legal rifle under the new California AR15 laws without requiring registration. The California compliance kit will ensure that your AR15 will be fully compliant with new assault rifle 2016/17 regulations.


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Our California AR15 compliance kit includes a fixed AR15 stock; including buffer tube, spring and compatible buffer that replaces your adjustible/collapsible AR15 buffer tube. The stock is rock-solid providing stability and comfort. The MBA-4 Carbine buttstock from Luth-AR is made of a super strong, glass-filled nylon and features a sleek, 21st century look.

Stock Specifications and Features
Glass-filled Nylon construction
Base Picatinny Rail
Weight: 9.5 oz
Fits all .223 and most .308 AR carbine rifles
Color: Black

In addition to the stock, we include a CA-Legal AR Stock Adapter. The AR15/DPMS308 compatible horizontal grip replaces your vertical grip and includes the pistol screw and caps. The CA-Legal grip is configurable allowing you to connect a stock to the rear of the grip or leave it on your buffer assembly. The Secure wrap-around hold is both comfortable and ergonomic.

Grip Specifications and Features
Approx. Weight 170g (6oz).
Approx. Dimensions: 13x7x3.6cm (5.1×2.75×1.4in)
Material: Injection Molded Weapons-Grade Polyamide Composite
Color: Black

Additionally, we include a drop in ambi-selector and CA-Legal muzzle break with every kit. These changes to a rifle’s exterior features, at an affordable cost are all that is needed to make any semiautomatic, military-style rifle legal even under the new law, without impeding its operator’s ability to fire and reload.

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