Leaked Registry of Gun Builders


On October 2016 a California DOJ employee leaked the the personal data of thousands of gun owners. The list leaked included the name, birthday, home address, drivers license and other confidential and private information of gun owners. The leaked registry of gun builders also included individuals who created firearms using 80% lowers; after a new CA law requiring registering with the DOJ. The victims of this had no idea the California DOJ was hacked until late December, when the department released a letter months after the Department of Justice Records leaked the data to the public.


The Department of Justice employee who leaked the information did so on a response to a Public Records request. It’s not clear who received this information and who they re-shared it with. The only comfort the CA DOJ gives to the victims if this identity leak is that they “asked” the people who received the data to destroy it. The letter then asks that the victims “place a fraud alert on … credit files”.

Politically-Motivated Bureaucrats Don’t Care

Registering private gun information is foolish, politically-motivated bureaucrats don’t care about privacy. If at some point gun rights change by popular vote, a database of gun owners and their weapons will serve as a registry. A list to disarm and raid homes to acquire weapons – in some cases by force. But let’s ignore that realistic – but hypothetical scenario. This scenario, however, is real. The information leaked not only put credit at risk, but also puts guns at risk of theft by criminals, criminals that now have a list of homes that are guaranteed to have weapons in them.

When people register what they own with an organization, they in-turn entrust that information with individuals at that organization. Is it possible that an employee or manager would leak information to cause harm? Yes – we think so. A gun registry isn’t a list of presents you want – its a list created because there are people who don’t trust you, people who don’t like guns, and that list may one day serve politically-motivated bureaucrats – in ways that don’t keep your best interests in mind.

California DOJ Leak

California Department of Justice private information leak letter.

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