Upgrade Your AR15 Before 2018

Governor Brown signed 6 new gun control bills into law in July that may create an unintended opportunity for you to upgrade your AR15 . Most of these laws are going into effect January 2017. Arguably the most game-changing law for us is the new assault weapons ban. The new ban stipulates that a semi-automatic AR15, even those built from 80% lowers previously considered legal in 2016 will be illegal after the new laws go into effect.

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What makes California AR15s illegal?

The authors of the new bill accomplished this by re-defining what’s considered an assault rifle; which was already banned. The new law expands the previous definition of an assault rifle to include any semi-automatic rifle with a removable magazine, pistol grip or flash suppressor. That is now there is no difference between a fully-automatic, short barrel, suppressed AR15 with 30 round magazines and what you could purchase at your local gun shop in 2016.

What happens to these now redefined assault weapons? Well – the good people in Sacramento will let you keep them. Just contact the Department of Justice by December 31, 2017 and register them.

Can I upgrade my AR15 now that I have to register it?

What we’ve been wondering – and some others have asked if its time to upgrade your AR15 before 2018. If you’re required to register a weapon, once not considered an assault weapon because it lacked certain features, can those same features – like a regular magazine release, be added along with some other features now that your neutered semi-automatic rifle is being added to the same database as the big boys? If so – could this mean several watered down AR15’s will be converted over to something Eugene Stoner would be proud of?

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Unregistered Glock V2 Frames
Unregistered Glock V2 Frames

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