AR Pistol Uppers

About Ghost Guns

Ghost Guns™ is committed to building long term relationships with our customers. It is our mission to become your preferred 80% build source for unregistered weapons. Our mission is simple – bring home builders like you the highest quality and best looking firearms components possible. We do this by constantly looking for the best materials and by constantly evaluating our designs. We do this because it is our passion.

Our operations are based in the US and serve our industries civilian, law enforcement and competitive shooters. This, our newspage, is designed to bring you the latest gun laws, tactical gear, gun shows, and the latest on unregistered weapons for those looking to make a gun at home. If you have any feedback, comments or questions, please don’t hesitate to chat with us live or send an email to As a Combat Marine and Civilian Owned company we are always interested in hearing from you.